H.R. 6233 & A Hungry New Hampshire.


Here are my questions to Congressman Guinta's office.

I'm looking forward to their response.


August 9, 2011

Dear Mr. Jensen:

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my inquiry.

At this point I'll ask my particular question(s) in the form of a statement:

So your vote of no reflects the support of conservation over jobs, economic development and the price of food. Do I have this correct?

As you undoubtedly know the farming industry across the midwest and parts of the west are in a tough set of business and market circumstances with issues ranging from heat damaged crops to the price of diesel fuel for access to both supply and demand. As you also know New Hampshire produces very little food on it's own, instead it must rely on places like the Midwest to supply it with the food that it needs.

So I can't understand your rationale of supporting conservation over the price of food. If you have any financial or economic analysis in support of your position(s) I ask that you share these with me. I'm sure that you can speak with many farmers that are in danger of losing everything if this legislation does not pass. I'm sure you could speak with the NH Food Bank in Manchester about what a price increase in the cost of food means for an already increasing population of people and families statewide that obviously need food.

I believe this issue goes deeper as well. As you may know the new and returned president of Russia, Vladmir Putin has forbidden any exports of agricultural grain from Russia for the next year. I think this could be a powerful new market for U.S. agriculture to fill the void left by Russia and actually build new markets for countries across the world that get access to agriculture and food produced in the United States. There might be some opportunities for New Hampshire in this idea as well.

But for any of this to happen this legislation, H.R. 6233 needs to pass. And I'm glad that it did despite the two no votes from the NH Congressional Delegation. I'm planning to use your response and/or rationale for my political blog on nhinsider.com. I try and keep my readers informed of the geopolitical consequences of legislation and legislators in Washington.

And with H.R. 6233 there are many.

Steven J. Connolly