Shut Up Donnalee

A deepened Panama Canal will be a game changer. Maine, Vermont will take decisive advantage of this. What will New Hampshire Do?

When the Executive Council voted by 3-2 to not spend $3.85 million dollars on a consultant fed passenger rail study they not only saved taxpayer money but prevented the implementation of very bad transportation policy.


 Unfortunately, despite this majority vote this issue isn't going away.

Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau continues to push forward with yet more expensive taxpayer financed rail ideas for southern NH including: consultants, hierarchy, land acquisitions and capital spending in the millions of dollars. And not once has Lozeau ever stated how New Hampshire benefits from all this spending other than a few hundred people from Manchester and Nashua getting a subsidized ride to Boston on a train.

New Hampshire needs to stop listening to ambitious politicians like Donnalee Lozeau. Instead New Hampshire should be following and supporting what Vermont and Maine are doing to advance passenger rail: build a profitable rail system around the movement of freight. A freight system that can not only support passenger trains like Amtrak but also creates local taxbase and jobs at the same time. The development of this rail freight system also isn't going to require the massive taxpayer involvement like what is being pushed and shoved in New Hampshire by politicians like Lozeau and her supporters on the NH Rail Transit Authority.