Tar & Feathered.

Tar Sands coming to New Hampshire.

Last spring the Canadian ministry that oversees pipeline regulations approved the reversal of flow of the pipelines from Alberta east to Montreal.

This is significant because of not only the content but how this will impact New Hampshire.

As I understand it the proposal, which may have already been approved is to transport Canadian Tar Sands through the pipeline grid from Alberta to Montreal; and then southeast through Vermont and then across coos county New Hampshire enroute to ships waiting in Portland, Maine.

The concern here and my concern is the caustic nature of tar sands and what happens to the environment when and if there is a pipeline failure. The devastation to the environment never recovers. I'm not a scientist but as I understand it the compounds and acid bases in these tar sands literally destroy not only the ecosystem but ultimately leech into underground aquifers in addition to any windsteams that carry the toxins throughout the air.

This is also unlike the Valdez, Alaska oil spill where the content can be dispersed using things as basic as dish detergent and over time will be reduced and eventually integrated back into the natural environment. There is no disbursement of Tar Sands this is a substance that destroys everything in it's path.

And it's coming to New Hampshire if it isn't already here.