5% PSNH Is Wrong.

It's Easier for PSNH to raise the rates than shop around for power sources.

Published news reports are stating that Public Service Co. of New Hampshire will be pursuing a 5% rate increase before the NH Public Utilities Commission.

I hope that the PUC denies this in it's entirety.

Because it is wrong.

I'd go into an indepth discussion about generation capacity, load factors and the poor economy to demonstrate just how wrong this 5% increase is. But I won't. PSNH and it's parent company have the resources to literally shop the market and find the cheapest power for their consumers. Examples include: hydro, natural gas, coal, wind and limited availability of nuclear.

Demand for electricity is also down.  Making this process all that much easier.

But if you notice PSNH doesn't do this instead their direction is a hell bent winner take all proposal to build hulking Northern Pass transmission towers from Canada to the sea in some attempt to expand their capital base for their most important customers: preferred shareholders, bondholders and the institutional portfolios that own most of their stock and options on these stocks.

I think NH electric ratepayers deserve to be more than collateral against the actions of one greedy, aggressive company.

I hope that the regulator will see it this way as well.