Grafton GOP Treachery


Treachery might be the wrong word here.

But then again it might.

I’m up here in northern New Hampshire looking at political signs for the upcoming primary. And they’re going like this: Ovide, Thibodeau, Warner and Tyler Drummond for Register of Deeds!

Republican Primary.

I’ll start with the Smith campaign:  This campaign may not have either the field staff or the signs to make sure every area are covered. Littleton, NH as an example. Smith is running a statewide campaign, his campaign has more or less focused it’s resources toward the big target areas like the NH/Mass. border so signs in northern NH  more than likely wasn’t and isn’t a priority.  I think for Smith is should be going against a well financed Ovide this campaign needs every ounce of guerilla marketing it can muster. But the signs still aren’t there.

As to the other missing sign…

Bath, NH is some 25 minutes from Littleton.

So no one from the Grafton Republican Committee could even be bothered to make a phone call.