Glory Days Of The Railroad.

Glory Days of the Railroad WRJ, Vermont 2012


Today I went down to Glory Days of the Railroad in White River Junction, Vermont it's an annual commeration of rail and its important contribution to everything that is possible.

Think that covers it well.

It was also interesting to come down the Conn. River valley and see quite a few Thibodeau signs on some of the farming land. Tuesday is going to be an interesting day in District Number One.

I don't like to deal in rumors on this board but speculation I've heard is that the Thompson clan is still very politically active in the Orford area and they're behind Thibodeau this run.

I'm not close enough to the fire to even see the heat so who knows. And surprisingly not alot of political signs in West Lebanon either not even a single OBama sign. I remember when Kerry was the nominee there couldn't be enough Kerry/Edwards signs around.

Nothing today. And it was a hot 82 degrees.