Toy Trains In New Hampshire.

Former Senator Peter Hoe Burling and Nashua Mayor Donna Lee Lozeau must be pleased today their passenger rail plutocracy for southern New Hampshire appears to be on track and moving forward.

So let’s tally the score.

NH Rail Transit Authority.           1

NH Taxpayers.                          -1

A logical question here is how NH Taxpayers end up with a minus number. This is a fair question and is answered by the fact that the NH taxpayer is actually being screwed twice. The first is the $1.9 million dollar price tag for the consultant’s fee which takes the number to zero. Then there is the issue itself of effective rail service for New Hampshire and how this whole political based deal will screw this up as well.

Minus -1

The state contract now goes to the Executive Council for approval. My prediction is that the vote goes 4-1. With Executive Councilor Chris Sununu being the one.

Imagine Executive Councilor Ray Burton actually voting against something like this.