It Can't Be Done.

MBTA Trainsets at North Sta. Boston. Equipment for NH can't be purchased for $15 Million.In a well written argument that appears below the Josiah Barlett Center outlines a financial argument as to why passenger rail service on the NH “Capitol Corridor” is a bad policy move for a variety of socioeconomic reasons.

I’ll add one in here:

If the project can be done at these stated prices.

I'll do the easy one. Equipment and Rolling Stock. From their (Bartlett) presentation:

Capital Costs, Rolling Stock: $15 Million

What good is a railway without locomotives and passenger coaches? This money would presumably come from the Federal CMAQ program. However, since CMAQ funding is a fixed amount based on the total appropriations the state receives every year, every dollar used for this project, would mean other local public transit projects might go unfunded. Under the current federal highway legislation, $15 million would represent roughly 1½ times the state’s annual CMAQ allocation.”

Name a place in the United States, Canada or Mexico or for that matter the world where at least two quality diesel electric locomotives and two train sets could be purchased for $15 million dollars.

There isn’t a place like this. It doesn’t exist.

This is the problem with this whole NH Rail Transit Authority. They have this conceptual, unrealistic idea that will cost taxpayers millions of dollars and the math simply won’t add up.

What I continue to not understand is how the political leadership of this state namely the Executive Council could possibly be considering voting approval of this whole idea.

Please contact your Executive Councilor and discuss this matter with them.