Saturday Night Speculation.

I haven’t looked at the numbers for the Maine Department of Gaming Control but I don’t think it’s unreasonable that the new casino in Oxford is up to at least $17 million since opening in June and it’s also not a stretch that 30% of this revenue has crossed the border from New Hampshire into Maine.

All that money leaves NH. 

Similar situation almost in the Commonwealth. Suffolk Downs has a proposal for a gaming license that would create some 3500 short and long-term jobs in addition to improvement to a historic attraction. It won’t be a stretch here either that if Suffolk Downs is successful in its application that 30% of its revenue will be crossing over the border from New Hampshire.

All that money leaves NH.

Vermont does not have any legislation or even designs for expanded casino gaming, small rural agrarian state they don’t want the issues or the revenue that comes with the issues. But they are moving forward with tourism. Thanks to China and other parts of the Asian continent, massive capital investment in places like Newport and Jay Peak Ski Area. This is a game changer. I’m confident when they’re finished how many skiers leave NH and go over to Vermont.

All that money leaves NH.

Gov. Hassan seems to enjoy her travels and the “Innovate NH tour.” I’m skeptical that this really means anything other than a polite press release opportunity and few NH citizens will actually see any results from these press releases.

If Gov. Hassan were truly interested in “Innovation in NH.” Then she would go to Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont and see the progress first hand and bring some of this leadership back to the Granite State.

Gov. Hassan needs to do more than smile and talk about "moving New Hampshire forward."

Ovide Lamontagne wasn't that far behind in his campaign.