Progressive Taxation

One of the pieces of legislation that is destined for failure is the .12 cent increase in the gas tax for needed repairs and maintenance to the state’s crumbling transportation infrastructure.

Think red list bridges potholed roads and unplowed snowy roads as the DOT attempts to allocate ever scarce resources to the highest priority.

But this legislation will still fail as it should. New Hampshire is still in much better condition than many states I’ve been to namely Ohio and southern California where they’ve more or less given up. For example; I’ve driven across bridges in the Cleveland area that are so rusted out that beams have literally fallen off into the river below. And sections of the same road the roadway no longer has any pavement left instead it is patched with dirt and cement chunks that have been rolled over.

I’m told Ohio is essentially broke.

New Hampshire isn’t in this position yet.  I think this bill should be ITL as it also doesn’t do anything to address long-term transportation policy and goals for the state. Namely, how can it be that there can be a critical situation exists in basic transportation infrastructure and the state is still contemplating and considering running toy trains up from Boston to the tune of some $450 million dollars.

It just doesn’t make any sense.