The Request. A Precis.

This will be a short blog, likely not the most well organized as I just got off a tough shift in the salt mines.

Let’s get going.

So I got in touch with Executive Councilor Ray Burton and asked that he vote no on the upcoming state contract to study passenger rail from Boston up to Nashua and later Manchester and Concord.

“I’m leaning towards voting for this.” Burton said.

I tried to counter. And I’ll put it with no success. So I asked if this project is either viable or even affordable at some $450 million dollars against a backdrop of deficits and debt ceilings. He responded by talking about the Amtrak Downeaster and the process of how this train came to be including the substantial financial subsidies.

I then tried a different tactic. “How does this benefit District #1?” I asked. He answered that the ski areas might be able to send a bus to meet the train in Concord.

$450 Million Dollar Ski Trains.

I’ll share more of this conversation at a later time when I have more energy.

In the meantime please contact your Executive Councilor about this upcoming state contract vote.