Different Councilor. Different Time.

So today I left a voicemail message for Executive Councilor Colin VanOstern, think I got his last name right.

Basically I asked him to vote no on the upcoming state contract to study the passenger rail from Boston to Nashua and later to Manchester to Concord. I kept my argument mostly financial citing a poor performance and return for massive taxpayer capital injection into this rail idea. I closed it out with the statement that both NH DOT and the Southern New Hampshire Regional Planning have also been studying this same issue for at least ten years possibly longer and their conclusions are the same: not a viable project.

I don’t know Councilor VanOstern or for that matter where he could possibly come down on an issue and vote like this. I don’t even know that he’ll even return my phone call.

When I was done talking I spent some time thinking about former Executive Councilor Peter Spaulding and if he were in this seat still would he have voted for this expensive state contract:

I came up with a RINO yes.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll call Executive Councilors Pappas and Pignatelli. Somehow I sense they’ll hand me a statement of prefabricated fluff and my arguments supported by facts and taxpayers won’t even be listened to.  My only experience here is that as a Senator Pignatelli often read off a script on her position(s), often deflected questions of substance instead favoring to change the direction and dynamic of the question itself.

An example as I recall: “How many people would actually ride these trains?”

Answer: It really depends on the frequency of the scheduling of the trains. Nashua School District could use the trains the children could be brought to and from school on the trains.