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My Last Stand. 

One if the disadvantages to being a NH Insider are exactly that.

If you stand by and do nothing you’re condoning it.

Inside knowledge can be a source of immense frustration, more frustration, rage and a sense of helplessness all at the same time. Literally to stand by see something happen, which is bad and not being able to do anything about it.

I’ve had it with this. This is why I’m stating that I’m now making a last stand on NH Insider.com and it goes exactly like this:

If the NH Executive Council votes next month to approve an expensive state contract relative to passenger rail service expected to cost in the vicinity of $450 million dollars on the rail line from Boston to Nashua and up to Manchester and Concord then I’m quitting NH politics, quitting NH Insider.com and likely quitting New Hampshire completely.

At first I thought this is the mark of a coward, I’m not a coward.

I’ve been interested in NH railroads and their operations since 1987 and including my time in elected office I’ve attempted to use what resources I have to explain and convince the policymakers what actions should be taken and exactly why passenger rail from Boston to Concord just isn’t a viable move and it isn’t.

My efforts are largely brushed aside.

That’s fine this is the nature of politics and I understand this. The Golden Rule: Those With The Gold Make The Rules.

By this understanding still doesn’t change how I feel. And I don’t want to feel like this anymore. If individuals like Lying Lozeau and Political Peter are so powerful that they can alter reality with a cocktail of fiction, deception, manipulation and half-truths and manage to pull a $450 million dollar bunny out of the hat then I don’t belong in NH anyway; the problems in this state are much greater than the words “business as usual.”

It’s going to be an interesting month.

I’ll continue to report on what I find out including applicable on-scene reports that I have with policymakers like the five members of the Executive Council.

I’m hoping that this turns out for the best.

Thanks for reading my blogs.




Reader Comments (3)

If nothing else, Steven, go out with all keyboards blazing. I completely get your frustration with New Hamster: great motto, but mostly just a version of mAss lite. Once infested, it's very difficult to get rid of the political rats living in the walls and halls of the Grate State House. Maybe you'll just need to take a vacation.
– C. dog
January 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

My humble theories:

1. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the bankrupcy of tyrants.

(and if that doesn't work)

2. During the second week of anarchy we simply meet and vote to absolve ourselves for what we were forced to do during the first week of anarchy.

You must feel better now?
January 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEd Naile
Definately! Everybody cheered when the Death Star blows up don't they.

Who exactly was on that call to Eleoin City? I'm sure the FBI knows just like they know who the other rider was.

There are tyrants here in New Hampshire whose only motivation is money and ego based power. Can they be stopped. For sure.

Courage in adversity.
January 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSteven J. Connolly

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