PSNH Is Making The Moves

I predicted right here on this very board that Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH) would pull out the stops, call in its markers and do whatever is possible to get this Northern Pass deal done.

Think tall high voltage transmission towers marching across New Hampshire from the mountains to the sea.

I have some further speculation that leads me to believe this project is in fact moving forward. Right now I’m seeing a lot of pickup trucks and survey crews from the Peter Kiewit Company on or near the proposed right of way. This is significant because Kiewit is one of the most powerful general contractors in this country if not the world. And they only do projects that are major. Think Boston “Big Dig”, nuclear power plants, repairs to LA freeways after earthquakes and this capital list continues decisely on….

Kiewit isn’t in New Hampshire for some surveying chump change they’re here for a reason.

I’d also call to attention the opponent of the Northern Pass project and this is the Society for Protection of New Hampshire Forests (SPNHF). If you notice they’re haven’t been any press releases about their opposition to Northern Pass and how it’s going….

Meanwhile at the Statehouse,

Governor Hassan seems to enjoy talking about New Hampshire “innovation” and “moving the state forward.” This certainly plays well.

I wonder what the new governor thinks about the Northern Pass project.

I think it means New Hampshire is a vassal state for profiteers like PSNH and its Park Avenue investors. Billions of dollars of economic value will flow through the state in a nanosecond and New Hampshire will receive less than nothing in return. Less than nothing.

The feudal serfs didn’t have it this good.