The Request: A Precis, Part II

So I’m having a phone conversation with Executive Councilor Ray Burton about the upcoming state contract vote for the $450 million dollar rail monstrosity.

The problem I’m having here is that Burton like a lot of teachers and those that are in this field is that they think conversation means they have to keep talking continuously, it doesn’t matter if the information they’re spewing is incorrect they just keep talking.

In this case, Councilor Ray is explaining how successful the Amtrak Doweaster is including the fact that Amtrak paid for a “passing track to be constructed in Dover, N.H.” There was no passing track constructed in Dover, NH it was at Rigby Yard in So. Portland, Maine so to not disrupt railroad freight operations in this yard.

So I’m attempting to break in, I’m not able to.

Instead Ray starts talking about Lying Mayor Lozeau and he makes a statement to the effect, “Well I’m sure Donnalee Lozeau will be able to produce some information in support of this request.” Burton stated.

That’s it.

“Let’s talk about Mayor Lozeau.” I state almost angrily.

“Mayor Lozeau walks into the LOB makes a statement that she hadn’t applied for the $450 million dollars, when facts show not only has she continuously asked for this money she even went down to U.S. DOT Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and asked for this money, and it was right after the last Executive Council vote to deny this state contract. “ I said.

Burton doesn’t respond to this.

So then I talk again “Mayor Lozeau has a serious credibility problem.” I state.

Lozeau does have a credibility problem this is polite way of saying she has trouble telling the truth.

She is a (expletive) liar!

Burton thanked me for contacting him about this issue.