Little Entente Politicians.

Politics and Truth often move in opposite directions. This is true in New Hampshire.I’ve long been fascinated with and a student of World War II history. More specifically, the military and geopolitical action(s) on the eastern front basically from 1941-1945.

This whole field gets more and more interesting as the former Soviet Union is releasing more and more information about what happened from their perspective especially some of the documents related to Hungary, Romania and Slovakia and some of the Balkan and Caucuses regions like Azerbaijan.

Politics and truth often move in opposite directions…

Similar to world history the same is true if not more here in New Hampshire. Recently, I found this UTUBE video with footage that I haven’t ever seen before. So I thought I’d share it:

The first part is straightforward showing the surrender of France and then it moves to what I believe is the signing of the 'Little Entente' agreement showing Ion Antonesceau of Romania. It was in my mind almost as impressive as the Bretton Woods Monetary Conference in Bretton Woods, N.H.

I’ll leave it to you to decide which one of these events featured more lies, deception, manipulation and the outcome of politics.

Politics and truth often move in opposite directions…

I think facts are now showing that after the signing of the Little Entente agreement that a nervous Czechlovakia tried every form of ethical based politics and diplomacy to save its own self centered view of the world especially so with its negotiations (I say ex-parte) with Poland, Soviet Union and ultimately England. All this lead into the later Munich Agreement and politicians like the Neville Chamberlain practice of global based form of diplomacy, don’t get too close but stay far enough away.  This practice continues to this very day.

May history and the truth march on.