Status Update: Rail.


This will be a quick status update on my last stand and project involving the upcoming Executive Council vote for the state contract on the rail line known as the "capitol corridor."

Executive Councilor Ray Burton told me that the state contact should appear on the agenda for sometime in February, I'm checking the agenda now and I'll post the official item number as soon as I have it. It is my understanding that there won't be a public hearing on this expensive item however, Gov. Hassan does accept public comments at the start of every Executive Council meeting.  I'm still of the feeling that this vote will still go 4-1 a policy action that brings New Hampshire down with the ship.

Executive Councilor Van Ostern never called me back. Surprise. Surprise.

Last spring the NH Rail Transit Authority the fledgling oligopoly to be created stated that they would be studying freight rail as a part of their proposal. Soon they might not have anything to study. I'm now understanding that the main receiver on this line which is PSNH-Bow and it's weekly coal shipments may soon be announcing a conversion of the plant to natural gas as a fuel source.

If this comes to pass I woudn't find it surprising to see an abandonment filing for this railroad line. Regardless of whether New Hampshire and it's taxpayers want to pour in millions of dollars-- similar to keeping a dead corpse on life support.