STEM Sham.

Imagine if during her acceptance speech Governor Hassan proposed some changes to education in New Hampshire and some examples include:

Increase funding for art education statewide by 30%, increase the pay for teachers like art and even English and Social Studies. And create a statewide textbook consortium where the state uses its buying power to purchase textbooks for schools the same way it does for things like gasoline and road salt.

Instead, Hassan plays the political safe route.

STEM.  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The mainstream of society and the ingredients for success or so it is perceived.

It isn’t working this way…

STEM is an example of why New Hampshire is failing in education. And the reason(s) are simple: Not every student and learner can fit inside a prescribed, preplanned neat little math based package.

This by the way is where some if not all of these shooters are coming from whether this is in Aurora, Colorado or a small town about 40 miles east of New York. A flawed educational system and flawed policies and priorities.

Bang. Bang. People are now dead.

The inaugural festivities for Gov. Hassan featured a robotics demonstration. This is nice it certainly sets the tone of what is important to New Hampshire. STEM and achieving success.

A question should have been asked of the new governor about the robots. Who exactly is in control of the robots?  Is it us or them or the STEM that creates all this.

I’d imagine the answer to this would be pretty well prepackaged like in a neat little box.