Breaking 1800.

I’m a Chess Player.

Wewel Castle Poland. I'd love to play in a chess tournament here.Several days ago I made a major breakthrough which, like a political victory I think is worthy of writing about. So I will!

For well over two years, likely longer I’ve been attempting to improve my game so that I could break the 1800 intermediate level which is established by the U.S. Chess Federation. Breaking such a level would lead to the skills needed to be competitive in chess tournaments which are offered everywhere.

It’s been a difficult process I’d describe as a glass ceiling. And I just couldn’t break through it, every strategy, every tactic and every exchange of gunfire with my opponents would leave me either running for my life or dead in the dust. At one point I’d more or less reconciled to giving up the fight “I just can’t break through.” My argument went. I think every human being, chess player and politician hits a level and it doesn’t go any higher.

Basically give up.

I decided to make a last stand. I ended up reading the 2012 book, “What it Takes to Become a Grandmaster.” By Andrew Soltis and started studying tactics and endgame strategy developed by Dr. Alexander Alekhine (1892-1946). And something amazing happened.

It worked.

After two years I finally broke through and in a big way I’m now blowing 1805 and an 1815 players off the board. I’m sharing this because I believe chess has a lot to do with political strategy there are parallels in both field though I’d stop short of calling politics ‘a game.’

All I can say is that if you’re facing setbacks and failures in your political game. Do one thing: