Saturday Nite Speculation.


I’d have to speculate that will with his continued dipping into the press conference circuit former congressman Dick Swett is aligning for a run at or against an elected office in New Hampshire.

But which one?

Other than the Bill Hatch campaign for Congress I’ve never seen a demographic or market analysis that was/is done for a candidate. They’re quite interesting to read basically it’s an in-depth strategy on how a candidate can get to that all important number: 50.1%

I’m sure that if a comparable analysis were done on candidates that lost it would show one interesting statistic and this is: incumbents are actually more vulnerable than newly elected candidates say, an Annie Kuster for example.

The Smith-Sununu primary would fall into this idea.

With this said, my speculation is that the Shaheen Senate seat comes into play including the possibility of a contested primary.

From what I’ve read Shaheen isn’t exactly ahead in her campaign and fundraising efforts-- a sign of weakness or a venue of opportunity….

I read somewhere that in the sea sharks don’t attack other sea creatures that are healthy and vibrant such as a porpose even though the shark may be more powerful and faster in a viscous attack.

It’s much easier to kill and eat something that is wounded or weak.

And yes, I do think Dick Swett is a shark.