No Man's Land.

It's really nice up here in northern New Hampshire.

The tempature is just right, the foliage isn't terribly impressive or as impressive as I've seen, but overall the conditions are really great. Give it two months and it will be almost like hell especially with well functioning heating systems; but for now it's really good in this part of New Hampshire.

And I spent a really successful day in the Mount Washington Valley, more specifically, the retail mecca called North Conway. And as I'm moving east down through Crawford Notch and Hart's Location one of the first voting places in New Hampshire I had a startling revelation:

Are you ready for this one?

I'm entering no man's land.

That's right. No Man's Land.

This is political blog, and I've spent some time in analysis of the upcoming U.S. Senate race and what is likely to be a contested Republican Primary. And the Mount Washington Valley is indeed no man's land.

First, it isn't in the Second Congressional District so the candidate I support Charlie Bass is in a foreign land.

Second, Jim Rubens is from Hanover also within the Second Congressional District so this places this candidacy in a foreign land.

Of course there are other places in New Hampshire that arent served by either candidate, Portsmouth and Dover for instance but these are likely to be battleground areas which the campaign(s) will likely focus on.

But how important is the Mount Washington Valley and Conway with it's 1,964 (1993) votes for Judd Gregg?

I don't know the answer to this question but I do know Napolean failed to control no man's lands and exposed flanks in his military campaign in Russia, and eventually it cost him dearly, if not the entire campaign.