Saving Italy.

I'm somewhat reading a really good book, it's called Saving Italy by Robert Edsel.  

It's a 2013 book related to the Italian Campaign during WW II set from about 1943 onward. It's primary focus is on a small contingent of American officers that were assigned the task of preserving as much valuable art as possible in the midst of battles, warfare, etc.

The book is also overlaid some interesting geopolitics about Italy itself, it's position as to why Mussolini had to be removed from power, and ultimately some strategic decision(s) that were made in Berlin that saved some things from happening.

Some things did happen. The book includes a description of the 'last supper' and how it was damaged and nearly wiped out by some ferocious street to street to fighting, it might have been in Florence I can't remember.

In any case it's still a worthwhile read.