How Gov. Hassan Cares About Jobs.

I think if there were any questions about the intentions and commitment of Gov. Hassan and DRED Commissioner Rose to create jobs in NH they were answered late last week.

A press release appeared in the Union Leader about the Owl's Head Resort in Thornton/Campton area about their approval for the EB-5 programme. Basically and briefly in english this means that this resort area can participate in a process where China can invest capital into the resort in exchange for immigration visas. There is more to it than this, and it's a lengthy process to move this EB-5 application forward.

But here is what stands out from the press release:

The Owl's Head Resort did it on their own.

-No assistance from Gov. Hassan office or her staff.

-No assistance from DRED or even a press release from Commissioner Rose.

This incidently, is the same Owl's Head Resort that is now suing PSNH over the impact of the proposed Northern Pass Transmission Line to their tourist based business model.

If you notice Gov. Hassan and DRED don't appear to be anywhere in the picture here.

I think it's really sad that the Owl's Head Resort in Thornton/Campton is doing more to create jobs and help New Hampshire than the politicians in Concord.

Very sad.