Milketoast Executive Council.

Gov. Hassan new nominee:

"Gov. Maggie Hassan on Wednesday plans to nominate Karen Pollard, current Rochester deputy city manager and community development director, to be state Division of Economic Development director."

All I can say here, my bias to be explained shortly, is that the Executive Council actually does it's elected job and strongly consider this nomination.

Hopefully they will.  

I won't waste too much of your time by questioning the credentials of this Ms. Pollard and exactly what her experience is in business and how to be successful in business? Whether this is in New Hampshire or Minnesota. I think it's quite something for any human being to claim they've been successful in business in Minnesota.

But just like her two possible bosses she doesn't have this, and if this is the "power of innovation" that is in power so why question it?

I'm surprised the UNH Survey Center hasn't released a popularity poll for innovation Gov. Hassan. "The most popular governor since Steve Merrill and John Lynch."

I wonder if they have political polls in Minnesota?