Success Per Capita.

I'm going back and forth on whether to contact the Executive Councilor from my district to ask for a 'no' vote on the Gov. Hassan nominee to be Director of Economic Development for DRED.

I don't think this position is even needed, even if the candidate were overqualified for the position, which in this case-- isn't the case. Pointing Towards Success. Gov. Hassan Innovation And Jobs Creation Program

If Gov. Hassan wants to tout her campaign promises of innovation as a way of economic development then why can't her office handle all the details and the contacts to make this happen. This is what nearby Vermont and Maine do as well as other U.S. states.

There are too many layers of success in New Hampshire. Too many study committees, too much academia and lofty idea(s) and not enough direct and tangible results.

If you don't believe take a look at the tax records in your local community. The trend exists statewide: shrinking tax base, rising levels of default and continual methods to collect tax revenue.

No Jobs Here. Abandoned Mill Youngstown,Ohio. This state doesn't have an innovation jobs program eithier.