Enterprise This.

Scheduled to open, if it hasn't opened already is a place called the The Enterprise Center at Plymouth State University or just the Enterprise Center. Enterprise Center At Plymouth. Taxpayer Financed $1.8 Million. How Many Jobs Will Be Created Here?

It looks like it's meaning is straighforward it's actually what is termed a 'business incubator.' A place where business comes, with taxpayer assitance to grow and thrive and hopefully create some jobs. From their new website:

"The Enterprise Center at Plymouth equips its members with the tools to build and grow their business by providing an invaluable set of professional services."

Now I'm looking at what it is costing the taxpayers for this new enterprise center on the grounds of Plymouth State University, which I think is still ranked as the number 14th or 17th party school in America.

$781,250.00        Federal Economic Development Administration. Enterprise Center At Plymouth. Offers A Course: Quickbooks.

$225,000.00        Northern Border Commission.

$700,000.00        N.H. Community Development Finance Authority.

$  92,750.00        CDBG Microfinance Enterprise Grant.

$  55,000.00        USDA Rural Development. 

$1,854,000.00     That's $1.8 Million Dollars of taxpayer money used.    Whoa Horse Whoa.

I'm now looking briefly at the services offered by this new taxpayer financed $1.8 million dollar buillding. The only thing I could find is a course about Quickbooks.

All this money is this the best that they can do? Quickbooks?

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