Giving It A Shot.

"So, all you have to do is go to the state's website, and click on "Governor." Alot of exciting things are happening on behalf of the people of New Hampshire."- Jim Splaine.

So, I decided to give this a shot. I'm excited to find out about all the things happening to the good people of New Hampshire under the category: Innovation.

I think deprivation would be a better idea here, but lets move on to the "Innovate NH Jobs Plan."

My Comments/Questions are in Italics.

Innovate NH Jobs Plan:

"Governor Hassan is focused on building a stronger, more innovative New Hampshire where our businesses are growing and creating good jobs for Granite Staters."

Gov. Hassan has been in office for how long. How is this idea going? Is Gov. Hassan and her staff actually supporting real businesses in New Hampshire, if so, which ones? I'm from northern New Hampshire I can't name a single business that has grown, expanded, innovated or created any jobs.

"The Governor's Innovate NH Jobs plan will help New Hampshire businesses succeed, attract new businesses to our state, and help ensure that small start-ups who find success here always call New Hampshire home."

How exactly does this plan 'help' business succeed? Is the current structure of DRED including your nominees actually conducive to this reaching statement. What kinds of business is New Hampshire looking to attract? How many start-ups are actually failing or in default of their state sponsored loan contracts?

Her plan focuses on building the best workforce in the country, providing targeted tax credits to businesses, and providing businesses with technical assistance to help them create jobs.

What exactly is 'targeted tax credits to businesses'? Is this another way of stating prefrence or, only certain businesses would be able to recieve tax credits? Is this fair and an example of good policy for New Hampshire? It isn't; prefrence is always an unfair word.  

"Please continue to visit this page in the coming weeks for more information as the Governor works to implement her innovation plan, and contribute your ideas for encouraging innovation by clicking here."

It doesnt' look like this Innovation page has been updated since it was created!!!! Not much innovation to report there. I tried to contribute "ideas for encouraging innovation by clicking here." I clicked it and it took me to a Frequently Asked Questions page and the statement(s) that my comments would be forwarded on to the appropriate agency. I thought this was Gov. Hassan innovation plan why wouldn't her office be responsible for it's implementation and/or ideas?

I wonder if Mr. Splaine actually took the time to look at this Innovation Plan before he suggested to me. I'm still left wondering where all these reported exciting things happening on behalf of the people of New Hampshire.

My guess is that he did not.