Kentucky Derby Pie. Politics

I really like Kentucky Derby Pie. Especially with a little bit of melted ice cream.

But the problem I often have is this: Kentucky Derby pie must not be very popular in the realm of desert menus or at least this is what I've encountered here in New Hampshire. Kentucky Derby Pie. Add A Little Bit Of Ice Cream. Bon Appetit! And what the people are missing!!!!!

With this being said, I have an entrenpreneurial idea. Or at least an idea that will demonstrate how preferential, biased and ultimately controlled politics is in New Hampshire.

Next week after I leave my shift in the salt mines I'm going over to the brand new $1.8 million dollar taxpayer financed: "Enterprise Center At Plymouth." with my initial business plan and idea.

Steve Connolly Kentucky Derby Pie Company.

My business plan is very basic: create some very delicious Kentucky Derby Pies for less that $6.99 per pie and then sell them for $10.00 to market(s) here in New Hampshire and the Northeast.

This expensive enterprise center has stated that it's goal is to be an incubator of business. So lets have at it!

I realize my idea isn't as exciting as building calculated semiconductors to be sold globally and to some unsuspecting eskimos, but every jobs creating idea has to start somewhere regardless of whether it uses Keynesian Economic Models or even our own New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan Innovation Plan.

Watch what happens.

I'll report everything I find out.