Maine Creates Markets And Jobs.

Since I can't find any examples of political leadership and job creation in the Granite State, I thought I'd share an example in nearby Maine.

The photos aren't the best here but they show Eastport, Maine. The Maine Congressional Delegation Secured The Funding For This Woodchip Conveyer System. Many Jobs Will Be Created.

This is a project advanced by federal grants that constructed a conveyer system to allow the loading of woodchips onto ships where they will be exported to destinations around the world. Millions of dollars of economic development and jobs will be the result of a project like this.


The same, exactly the same thing could have been done at the Port of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the result would have been the same as it is in Maine. Eastport, Maine. Woodchips Sold To The World. The Same Thing Could Have Been Done In New Hampshire.

More Economic Value. More Jobs For New Hampshire.