Thin In Blogging.

This is more or less an advisory blog.

Specifically, to let my readers know that I may be very thin in the next three to four weeks on blog threads. I've got a number of projects going which will impact my blogability. But when I'm able to report I think it will be interesting and at this point will likely include the following:

Today, I signed up to go on the NH Railroad Promotion and Marketing Day sponsored by Executive Councilor Ray Burton. It's in early November and a train trip from Meredith to Plymouth and should feature some interesting dynamics dealing with politics, transportation, New Hampshire and the list goes on...

After the train trip which hopefully I'll report on I'm headed over to Hinsdale, NH and the site of a new reported Off Track Betting (OTB) facility in the shadow(s) of the racetrack. That's all I know...

Then from there I head down I-91 and I-95 south to White Plains, New York. Pay a nice expensive toll to cross the Tapan-Zee Bridge and I'll soon be in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Numerous and lucrative job offers in the OTR Trucking Industry are bringing me down. I'm planning to do some interesting things as well. For starters, I'll visit the Penn National Racetrack, a once doomed horse racing venue that was saved from the abyss by expanded casino gaming in that state. They're now raking in the millions.... After that I'm headed to Pittsburgh and will see first hand what the economic conditions are there I believe there is a full spectrum.

After that I'm contemplating crossing over the river into West Virginia. This is a fascinating area, actually I think it's alot like New Hampshire in many ways. Lots of power and influence that is never seen and a mix of politics and issues where nothing is ever as it seems.

So thanks again for reading my blogs. I do this blog for the ideas, the vision and the life as it could be. And knowing that someone is listening to what I'm saying is what keeps me going.

So Stay Tuned NHInsiders!!!!