Government By The Non-Petulant.

In a blog titled, "Government By The Petulant."NH Writer, Blogger and Gadfly Susan Bruce made an argument that is cost(s) NH taxpayers $1500.00 for every Legislative Service Request (LSR) that is filed by legislators.

It doesn't cost NH taxpayers $1500.00 per LSR but let's move on. It Does Not Cost NH taxpayers $1500.00 Per LSR.

Bruce continues on sharply criticizing legislators like Rep. Dan Itse from Freemont that filed 19 LSRs and the Susan The Bruce mathematical calculation: "That's $28,500.00 worth of taxpayer waste." she said.

Except it didn't cost NH taxpayers $28,500.00 for these LSRs but let's move on.

I tried to explain to Bruce that the Office of Legislative Services (OLS) and it's staff attorneys that draft the actual legislation receive a fixed budget and this budget doesn't change regardless of how many LSRs are filed. Actually, the more LSRs that are filed reduces the per cost of each LSR. I calculated a cost of $216.67 per LSR, which isn't zero but is still a long way from the $1500.00 that Bruce stated.

Bruce responded to me,

Blogger susanthe said...

"My fault for following your misleading directions. I did, however give you the chance to insinuate that I'm stupid, though, so you should be feeling quite pleased, and you'll undoubtedly get some attaboys back at the underside of the rock you inhabit at NH Insider.

You get to the real point at the end of your post, "nobody likes $100 a year legislators driving up costs IF that were happening at all."

Itse filed 42 LSRs in 2013. Hoell filed 12. Neither of them managed to get a single one of them passed.
That IS deliberately driving up costs, in my opinion. Every year Itse files a bill to create a state militia, and every year it dies. That's a deliberate waste of time and money - all to feed Itse's ego. IF that were happening, indeed.

I believe I'll stick with the numbers I was given by legislators I trust."

I didn't ask Bruce what she means by "sticking with the numbers she is given by legislators she trusts."

I'm sure that statement does mean something, though I'm not sure of exactly what it means.

Subjective, ill-informed and biased come to mind.