Making Sense Of Exactly What?

It's a slow blog day.

I thought I'd report on some of the happenings that not only make no sense but serve to demonstrate just how things are really sinking into the muck.

Previously, I had reported about the kiosk that was set up near my workplace about the new health care programme starting in this country. I've been attempting to learn as much about this program as possible, so, I checked on the website to see what this U.S. Senate candidate has to say about this.

Pharmaceutical companies and their lobbying and influence. I'm not sure where this idea goes...

But I will say this the Rubens website is the only place I found that there is a proposal to delay the "implementation of the health care program by one year." This is a quality idea if nothing else it will give the various state health care exchanges some time to fine tune their enrollment systems and consider adding more health care providers and medical facilities into the list(s) for use on the government sponsored health care programme.

I'm still having a great deal of challenge in understanding this new healthcare programme and how to make sense of it.