Not Singling It Out But...

I read a really good article in the Boston Globe today written by former U.S. Senator John E. Sununu. It was about increasing regulation of coal fired power plants by the EPA.

The argument(s) were very strong and well stated. It's one thing to have regulations it's another to have the bar set so high that nothing can move forward.

So I'm reading this and thinking about the election between Sununu and Shaheen and the various campaigns including the tactics and how it ultimately turned out. It was at this point that I realized how little I know of Sen. Shaheen and where she stands on the issues that face New Hampshire.

Coal fired power plants being one such example. Where Does Sen. Shaheen stand on issues like coal fired electric generation and the Northern Pass?

My last blog post was about the contentious and political PSNH Northern Pass Project. Where does Sen. Shaheen stand on this project?

I'm not singling her campaign out either, I'm looking at the website and have as yet to find out what his position(s) is on this important issue.