To Support Northern Pass.

I'm up here in northern New Hampshire. Fall foliage is swinging forward. I've seen it be better but this year is still okay. Headwaters of Hydro Quebec. Environmentalists claim that this does alot of damage to the environment.

Among the leaves is alot of political activity as well. It seems like alot of the citizen landscape is coming out in opposition to the proposed PSNH Northern Pass project and the very idea of millions of dollars of economic value flowing like a river from Canada to the U.S.

I think they're is alot of disinformation and lies on both sides of the issue. And it's contentious enough to kill the project but time will tell.

I'm also very curious on how Vermont, New York State and even Michigan have been able to work with Hydro Quebec and build alot of economic development, jobs and opportunity and somehow in New Hampshire this can't be done.

Enter politics.

Live Free or Die.