Is NH Blowing It? No Not Really.

This is an interesting sky view video of the proposed casino gaming redevelopment for Springfield, Mass.

There isn't any narration or explanation but several component to this proposal actually hinge on New Hampshire and Vermont. For starters the glass sky bridge depicted in the early scenes actually runs from the main casino to Springfield Union Station which is the stop for Amtrak trains like the "Vermonter" and the "Empire Builder." The Vermonter runs from Springfield up into Vermont and places like White River Jct. which is across the river from West Lebanon, N.H.

The interstate highway shown is actually I-91 which is the north-south corridor that runs up the New Hampshire/Vermont border all the way to Canada.

If this redevelopment moves forward, which I think it will, yet another example of missed opportunity and revenue loss for New Hampshire.

Everything will flow south instead of north.