Lambert Has It Wrong On WIC.

From a press release that appears on,

"Anne Kuster refuses to support funding for some of the most important aspects of government like Women, Infant and Children programs (WIC). This is not leadership. Congresswoman Kuster: it’s time to compromise and end this shutdown.”- Congressional Candidate Gary Lambert.

I'm currently employed in the retail industry and deal with the Women's Infant Children (WIC) program on a daily basis. I've been through training on the WIC program and know the program, the requirements and how the program works. I'd say, on average, I handle 2-3 WIC vouchers a day.

I haven't heard anywhere at any time, from any source that there is any impact to the WIC program as a result of the government shutdown.

So how might candidate Lambert arrive at this public relations statement?

I also don't think Rep. Kuster has anything do with this issue either, even if the Lambert press release had any substance, but like I've stated I don't think the facts show that it does.

All the issues that exist in the Second Congressional District and this is what Lambert can come up with?

This is pretty bad.