A Room Full Of Taxes.

As is my policy I don't deal in rumors on this board. Everything that I write has a basis, eithier in fact or in mathematical calculation supported by what I'd term 'reasonable ideas.'

But today I heard a 'rumor' that is too good to pass up. Gorham Paper & Tissue. Rumored To Be In Arrears In Property Taxes. Is this an example of 'innovation' in New Hampshire?

The rumor goes like this. "The amount of property taxes in arrears, default and in foreclosure is rising in some cases by double digits, the towns are continuing to spend more and something has to give."

Something does have to give. This flies in the face of an innovation economy too.

But let's move on. I questioned my source as to how he arrived at his statement about defaulted property taxes. He said he checked with the tax collector in Gorham, NH and learned that there are 22 pages of defaulted property taxes totaling over $950,000.00 that is owed to the town. Some of the major employers in the town are on the list, one of these according to my source is Gorham Paper & Tissue and their corporate mission statement: "Known for innovation and collaboration."

This to me looks like a room full of taxes regardless of what the politicians say.