Duck, Duck Tax.

When I was in the legislature I always used to hear an expression when it came to the question of government spending and ultimately, taxes.

"If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck then it probably is a duck."

So on my return trip from Pennsylvania I decided to optimize fuel routing, mileage and avoid the tolls that surround New York and New Jersey.

So my route took me up I-81 north through the coal mining regions (fascinating area)of central/eastern Pennsylvania though to Binghamton, NY and then east across U.S. 20 to Albany and then onto Bennington, Vermont and later Brattleboro and Keene, NH.

It's not a bad road, the suburbs of Albany are very busy with lots of sprawl, signs and fast moving red lights, but after navigating through all this,( the entire trip from Hershey, Pa. took me some 7 1/2 hours) I decided to fuel near the Port of Albany before heading east.

And what a shock I found.

I fueled paying some $3.54 a gallon, comparable to NH fuel prices which is good. I never fuel in Vermont it's always .10-.12 higher in this socialist-Marxist dominated state, but let's move on. I went to purchase a small bag of M&Ms chocolate candies, partly because I like M&Ms and partly to homage of the fact that I'd just been in Hershey Pa. (But then I remembered Hershey's doesn't make M&Ms) But let's move on again.

So I walked up to the cash register and they'res some young female behind the counter wearing a pink Boston Red Sox hat. I put up the M&Ms and slide $1.10 to her for the $1.09 stated purchase price, she scans the package and says, "it's a $1.34."  And I'm like," the sign says"... she cuts me off, "sales tax" she says.

Lets be precise here that's a 26.4% increase (tax) in the price of one M&Ms package.

Is this unreal or what!!!!!

I ended buying the M&Ms sales tax and all.

Next time I'll bring a can of sardines.