Gov. Hassan Home Forclosure Hotline.

In every major NH newspaper towards the back pages there are numerous 'legal notices.'

I'll stop short of saying it's an interesting read, but it is informative.

Home foreclosure rates as one example.

For years now there are always 3-5 pages of NH residents on the losing end of the "American Dream." of home ownership as mortage lenders, collection agencies and salaried lawyers go about their jobs and take away the house and throw the occupants out on the street.

I'm of the belief now that New Hampshire now leads the northeast in home forclosure rates. Recently, I was in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania looking at 'foreclosure notices' in the Hershey, Pa. area. Guess how many I found about 1/4 of one page or 4-6 entries.


So, recently on my return to the Granite State I heard on the radio Gov. Hassan proclaiming some new home forclosure number that can be dialed to offer assistance to people losing their homes to foreclosure.

As I'm wrting this Littleton, NH is announcing a .40 cent property tax increase per $1,000.00 of valuation, I'm reading in the Littleton Courier that this represents roughly a 2.5% total yearly tax increase.

I'm also sure the Gov. Hassan hotline will be most effective against a backdrop of property tax increase(s) and yet more spending in Concord. "New Hampshire is making progress." Gov. Hassan says.