Report From Burton Train #1.

This will be a quick post. I'll have more details tomorrow.

In any case, today (Saturday) I rode the Railroad Promotion Marketing Day train sponsored by the long-time and departing Executive Councilor from the north. I've ridden the train several times before but this one was for the history books as it is likely the last one.

Initially, I thought it was going to be more of a political event than it was. Actually, it wasn't very political at all. County Commissioner Mike Cryans was more or less the official representative, not much was stated sans the thanking for service, dedication, etc. The primary focus of today was clearly the train. Cryans was followed by State Sen. Forrester who might have spoken the all of 30 seconds, part of which included the fact that she was planning to be a server at the spaghetti lunch run by the senior center that catered the event.

That was it.

It was a nice day for a train ride in central New Hampshire. I'm writing this from near the Meredith Town Docks where speed-boats and one cigarette boat have arrived so that the people on board can go to various shops, eateries, etc. here in downtown Meredith. Think upscale.

I'll have another report tommorrow with some more details of this historic train.