And Here They Come.

This morning I decided to contact the Republican State Committee to see if they had any candidates to succeed Ray Burton.

They had to call me back.

Finally, and I can't remember his name stated "We've got 8 candidates that are making calls about this." And I responded, with minutes left on my lunch break, "Can you tell me a few of them."

He only stated two and I'm taking this to mean the seriousness of a possible candidacy and these are:

-Former State Senator John Gallus from Berlin.

-Former Belknap County Commissioner Christopher Boothby from Meredith.

The Union Leader is now picking up the Boothby idea so I'm assuming these are some of the calls being made.

Having not seen the other six candidates I'm going to make an early prediction. The Hanover/Lebanon area will weigh in on this Executive Council seat and in a substantial way. Whether this is in terms of direct finance or a candidate that emerges that has ties to the Dartmouth complex.

This is also the Republican side.

The Democratic side should be interesting as well.