Cannon Fodder.

This upcoming Executive Council District #1 special election is shaping up.

It looks as if my prediction(s) are coming true. The Hanover/Lebanon areas have produced two candidates that can go the distance in Commissioner Mike Cryans and former Senate Preident Hough. I think there are currently 9 other candidates that "are making some calls."

Some of these candidates are also Cannon Fodder. The Race For Executive Council District #1 Will Create Cannon Fodder.

Former Sen. Gallus has already bailed out as has Jerry Thibodeau. This race will be a substantial challenge for any candidate, basically 30 days to cover 1/3 of the state's landmass and either self-finance or raise the capital needed to run this race.

The only three candidates I've seen that have stated they definitely plan on running are: Cryans, Hough and a former Sen. from the Conway area, think his name is Heath. I don't know him, never even heard of him. Guess he was a senator from the 1980s. (I started or "got involved" in NH politics starting in 1987).

I'm watching former Sen. Wayne King from Rumney. I think if he enters this changes the dynamics.

But only one can win the rest of them get wiped out.