Meeting Mike Cryans.

As I reported previously about a month ago I rode the "NH Railroad Promotion Marketing Day." sponsored by Councilor Ray Burton. It's a yearly train that runs from Laconia to Plymouth, I took it this year as it's likely to be the last one...

In any case what a difference a month can make.

I don't want to speak too soon but judging by the filing(s) before the Secretary of State's Office I'd be willing to state that Grafton County Commissioner Mike Cryans is going to be the democratic nominee for Executive Council District #1.

I met commissioner Cryans on the train.

I'm not aware of his specific stances on issues on the day and what he'd do if he is elected. But what I will say is that my impression of him, even as sincere and friendly as he is, is that he would have a difficult time saying "no"to Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan.

Again this is just my impression from a "getting to know you."situation. But Mr. Cryans still doesn't strike me as someone who even likes to go against the flow regardless of how important the issue is.

I'm sure more will come out before the election.