Supporting Exactly What.

One of the candidates for Executive Council District #1 is former state representative Joe Kenney from Wakefield. I don't know very much about the former rep. but what I've read on about his campaign is causing me to ask some question(s) about exactly what his intentions are if he is elected.

"Kenney said if elected to the council, he would continue Burton’s strong record of constituent service, fight for the North Country’s share of transportation projects and work to ensure the taxpayer is getting the best benefit out of state contracts."

This is an interesting statement because if taken at face value likely means more spending, lots of it.

Before he died I was very critical of Councilor Burton and his support of transportation projects and capital spending, especially since some of these projects don't benefit district one. And some examples include:

The state contract authorizing $3.26 million dollars to study the feasibility of Boston-Nashua-Manchester to Concord passenger rail service. How does this benefit district number one?

Would former rep. Joe Kenney support this state contract is this what he means by this statement?

Later, I questioned Councilor Burton on his no vote for state contract #111 which would have authorized Pan Am Railways to offer freight rail service on the state owned Milford-Bennington line. This would have generated revenue for New Hampshire and it's rail investment program.

How would former Rep. Kenney vote on contract #111?

I don't think the taxpayers have gotten any benefit out of either of these projects that were voted on by the Executive Council.