Bass Out. Follow The Money.

With Charlie Bass bowing out of the race for U.S. Senate the question now becomes:

How much will it cost?

Rubens.  Scott Brown 10K donation and the Shaheen money machinery.

I'll adjust this to a 50/50 race between Rubens and Shaheen. Alot of things can happen in the general election.

I don't care what the politicos in NH think they know. Scott Brown doesn't have any appeal, especially his performance as a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.

Rubens could probably do absolutely nothing in his campaign and still slide by Brown in the primary.

I'm really unhappy that Charlie Bass decided not to run. It shows the changing landscape of NH politics, like the departure of Ray Burton it's not about the rural state or the people anymore.

It's about the money. And the money will decide.