Is It Worth It.

So I'm here in Lancaster, Pa. I'm looking at the new Apple Computer Powerbooks (Laptop) and the corresponding tablets that they sell. I've read Steve Jobs autobiography but had never been to a full service Apple Retail store where they sell and service this equipment.

I'm finding positives and negatives. The computers they offer including the operating systems and retinal displays really are a cut above. The service seems to be there too, including the repair(s) many of which are done free of charge. The stores do offer free training as well, when I was there some people were learning how to enhance website designs with graphics, sound, audio files, etc. I was left wondering if I could do anything to enhance my blog site using a Apple Powerbook. I didn't ask though.

But then the negative has show it's presence. Unlike the falling price nature of all computers the Apple equipment is really expensive, like 60%-70% more in price than this ACER A5 that I'm using now.

Is it worth it?

For some reason I'm thinking about the Mitt Romney for President Campaign, and what I'm reading in newspapers down here about his 47% comment and what it did to his campaign. I can't even remember what the context was except to position Romney as indifferent to a vast majority of the U.S. population.

Apple computers aren't a political campaign. But with their prices I do think their positioning could use some work. 47% might be a starting place in this endeavor.

But it still really nice stuff.