Duck Dynasty Christmas Special.

So I came home from the salt mines and started watching Duck Dynasty. This show is awesome!

I won't give away the whole thing but I saw a scene that really made me think that I'm not alone in my thinking towards New Hampshire and it's politics, even though this show takes place in Louisiana.

So the scene was this they were giving out Christmas gifts in their local church. And my favorite character Si had collected some items from his workplace to give to the little kids in attendance. For example a little girl came up and she ended up getting a tape gun. That's what she got. Then a little boy came up and was asked what he wanted for Christmas he replied, "a robot toy."  The little boy ended up getting a spool of twine and the comment, "be grateful you might end up getting nothing."Later Si would say, "I've just shown these little people everything they need to know about Christmas."

And indeed he has.

Because Christmas is about the sprit of giving, and giving to others and not about what is being given.

So let's go back to that little boy for a minute: It's apparent to me that he has been to New Hampshire and has been taught how to want and what to want from the Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan school of learning: STEM, innovation, robots and I'm confident on the path he is on: anything less than an ivy league college education isn't success.

I've never seen Duck Dynasty before but this really is nothing short of awesome. I think I'm going to ask Santa to give me the box set.

But the twine would be more useful.