Pea Soup And Political Strategy.

Finished my shift in the salt mines tonight and I'm now at home enjoying a nice bowl of hot pea soup. On a cold winters night this tastes good.

I'm driving home thinking about the Executive Council District #1 contest shaping up, and what I think is likely to happen. But in this arena anything can and will happen.

So let's get to it. It looks to me with the Sen. Cataldo endorsement that Sen. Kenney will be actively courting the more conservative elements of the Republican Party, of which statistically there are many. Where the Tea Party fits into this equation remains. But the numbers are there.

So this leaves Boothby and Aldrich trying to divy up the moderate and undecided base and somehow prevail.

We've basically got 45 days before this is decided.

Then I started thinking about geography. Kenney strong in Carroll and western Coos Counties. Boothby dominates in Belknap and parts of southern Grafton County; while Aldrich runs like a wild rabbit the Upper Valley from Hanover north. Lot's of territory but not alot of votes here. I think this fact pulls votes away from Boothby not Kenney.

Time will tell.

I read of the information session of all the candidates in Belkap county. I think Democrat Cryans clearly won this one. For no other reason than he kept his mouth shut. As Ray Burton has said: "in politics it's not about what you say, it's about what you don't say."  

It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks coming up.