Throwing My Hat In.

I'm going to start this blog off with a big thank you for my readers and friends, you're the reason why I do what I'm doing and these past couple of days has been so positive and good for me that words of appreciation really can't describe it well enough.

So let's move on.

Wednesday is going to be a big thinking day for me, mainly it will be a final decision for an action that I've already decided (with your help) on.

On Thursday morning I'm going down to the Grafton County Complex with a resume in hand to become a candidate for Grafton County Commissioner, District #2.

And yes, I agree the chances of me being appointed by the County Convention to serve out the rest of the term on a scale of 1-10. Is about a -2.

But like I've heard former Congressman Bill Zelliff say "it isn't over until it's over."

And it isn't over not by a longshot. Election season will soon be upon us and I've learned from the master himself, I can pound the bricks and hold a sign. And I'm looking at the towns that comprise the district now. My home turf Bethlehem-Littleton area is at least 45% of the total vote. I go through Lincoln-No. Woodstock daily and know a few people there, if I could prevail in these towns and at least hit the board in Franconia and Sugar Hill.

My source(s) are telling me the candidates that are emerging are from the Haverhill and Bath area. I've even seen a name from Lisbon; a community that is rapidly approaching some bad financial circumstances if not a "train wreck."

It aint over until it's over.

I'm still formulating my ideas as to what I'd do as a County Commissioner if I were to be elected. But some of my initial thoughts:

-  Healthy food production at the county farm. Where is it going? Can food production be increased and distributed to people and families that need it? Perhaps Corn could be grown to produce ethanol and the profits used to reduce and offset property taxes in Grafton County.

- Glenncliff Home for the Elderly Vs. Grafton County Nursing Home- Are two facilities really needed? What are the long term strategic plans for both of these facilities and what it is going to cost.

- I'm of an accounting background. I'm confident that I can review county invoices from everything from applesauce to #2 fuel oil and find at least 7-8% in immediate cost savings. I believe that I could save at least $200,000.00 in the first year alone. This would be in addition to my efforts to locate 5-6 vendors to bid on every county contract that goes out.

But I've been in the public arena for a long-time and there are some huge barriers and minefields out there and I certainly know this.

It's still worth a shot.