A Gov. Thompson Rebirth?

So I'm checking some e-mails and after at least a week Executive Council candidate Christopher Boothby is responding to my question(s) about his campaign.

I actually had to read his e-mail several times to get how the wind was pushing the sails of the boat.

Let's start with some background. I contacted Mr. Boothby with some substantive questions related to how he would vote on various state contracts like expensive rail service into Concord. I followed up my questioning with how he would vote on the nomination of DRED Commissioner Jeffrey Rose.

Boothby did respond so I'm going to give him alot of credit for this. As a candidate he clearly faces a Mount Everest challenge in a tough terrain and political environment. But on the surface he still didn't respond. Instead of answering as to what his position(s) were or how he would vote, he simply said these "votes have come and gone."

Let's move on. In The Current Environment in NH. Might There Be A Rebirth Starting With An Executive Council Race?

Then Mr. Boothby said something that caused me to almost break my wooden chair as I'm trying to type and stay warm next to stove nearby. He started talking about doing what is best for New Hampshire, whether state government should be involved in a particluar area and not soon after:

"Lower Spending Leads To Lower Taxes."

So then I read the e-mail one last time and I'm now thinking that Christopher Boothby not only answered my questions but he took it up a notch.